Best Sun Protection For Coloured Hair

There are lots of various kinds of sun protection for coloured hair. It is very important to buy the right kind.


To decide on what will work best for you and your hair, it is first necessary to define exactly what colour hair means.

People have different degrees of brown and blonde and have different degrees of blonde hair. It is worth mentioning that brown hair is actually quite often lighter than the blonde hair. As such, it is likely to be more able to handle exposure to the sun in comparison to blonde hair.

People with red hair are at a disadvantage when it comes to exposure to the sun. They will have a fair amount of protection but their hair will be more likely to fade and damage faster than white or blonde hair. In general, darker shades are harder to look after. These include blacks, reds and golds.

Some people feel that it is more important to look after their hair than to have the best protection. This is not a good decision as the majority of women with dark hair will eventually grow out of their hair colour and by then, they may be far too old to benefit from the protection.

The majority of professional hair stylists are fully aware of the importance of using the natural sun protection for coloured hair. They would recommend the use of a broad spectrum SPF35 sunscreen on the hair.

This protects the hair and keep it looking healthy and shiny throughout the day as well as allowing the colour to last much longer than if the hair was not protected by the sunscreen. It is also vital to use a moisturiser daily. Moisture can help keep the hair looking healthy and beautiful.

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It is not advised to rub the shampoo in heavily as this can cause a build up of dirt and clumps which will cause split ends and will remove natural oils from the hair, resulting in greasy and dull looking hair. It is best to use a good shampoo which will not add any shine to the hair. If possible, go for something that has a little mineral oil added.

Finally, always ensure that the hair is well moisturised and protects it from the harsh effects of the sun on it. This is the best way to give it the best protection and leave it looking its best at all times.

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